Gérald Lajoie-Restrepo (1995) is a Canadian-Mexican artist and designer currently living and working on the unceded Kanienkehá:ka territory, also known as Montreal.

Lajoie finds interest in questions of ontology, metaphysics, and representationality. By using found and organic materials, the artist crafts abstract, semi-functional sculptures. Gerald’s inspirations stem from various historical themes, including pre-Adamic civilizations, archaeology, socio-political writings and more specifically, furniture design, architecture and crafts.
Using pre-industrial working methods the artist brings forth a connection with the materiality of objects.

Their work speaks to the traceability of existence, in the way articles are witnesses and bearers of information. By exploiting the aesthetic and intrinsic qualities of materials, they foster a connection between familiarity decay and abstraction, casting light on our infrastructures of discernment.